With 1000s of events at SXSW, you have to give yours an edge.

Jennifer Davis

Representative, Crushpath

We're giving SXSW presenters FREE Pitch Sites (like this one) to build their buzz!

What's a Pitch Site? You're looking at one. A Pitch Site is a customizable one-page site you can use to promote your SXSW event. In under 3 minutes you can generate buzz, build your fanbase, and capture their info.

You can have a pitch site right now and start using your network to do your promotion for you.

Get tons of responses for your event:
1. Showcase what you're doing.
2. Let your network spread the word.
3. Collect interested people.

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How do Pitch Sites get people to my event?

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They provide the tools you need to make promoting as easy as clicking a button. The Pitch Site can be shared everywhere, in email, social, and SEO, making it the perfect way to hit the SXSW demographic. You can get info on your visitors so you can keep them updated.

This is what a Pitch Site can do for you:

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  • Reach conference goers when they're looking.

    You can speak directly to SXSW-goers, when they're looking for what's going down.

  • Get the attention of your friends' friends' friends.

    You need something that's easy to share and easy to read. Pitch sites make going viral easier than licking subway seats.

  • Save your budget.

    Pitch Sites are the way to make sure you're the star of your time slot without blowing all your dough on expensive marketing.

Get started now:

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    You'll see a big red button. Click it.

  3. Create your custom site

    It only takes minutes. You get a vanity URL with your band's name on it.

  4. Start promoting your show

    It's easy to promote your site and get people stoked!

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